The Ultimate Guide to BBQ for Dogs and Their Owners (Plus Recipes!)

Just like humans, dogs love a good barbecue. But can dogs eat BBQ sauce? And what about that hot grill?

We’ve got your answers in this guide to BBQ for dogs and their families. Get the scoop on which foods are safe for dogs, and how to create a dog-friendly barbecue.

BBQ for Dogs: What’s Safe to Eat?

No guide to BBQ for dogs is complete without this number one safety tip: don’t feed your dog bones! Cooked chicken bones in particular are a major health hazard, as they splinter easily. They can cause serious obstructions and other difficulties if consumed.

Other common barbecue foods that are toxic to dogs include avocado, grapes, onions, and chocolate.

When in doubt, stick to whole foods like veggies and meat off the bone.

Safe BBQ foods for dogs:

  • Hot dogs. We recommend cutting them up into pieces and dispensing them like treats.
  • Hamburgers. Too much fatty meat can be a health hazard for dogs, but a bite or two of plain, cooked burger patty will be a welcome treat.
  • Dog-friendly grilled veggies like zucchini and sweet potato
  • Select summertime fruits like blueberries and watermelon (seeds and rind removed). Try freezing fruit for a heat-busting treat!
  • Small portions of grilled meat and fish like steak, ribs (off the bone, please), and cooked salmon. A little BBQ sauce won’t hurt your pooch, but leave off the intense spice rubs.

Like people, dogs who overdo it at a cookout may end up with tummy trouble the next day, so share in moderation. Supplement their regular meal with a few choice bites off the grill and sweeten their day with fruit—just don’t overdo it on rich sauces or sides! When in doubt, stick to whole foods like veggies and meat off the bone.

BBQ for Dogs: Grill Safety Tips

BBQ for dogs shiba inu watching the grill

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For general dog safety at a cookout:

  • Discourage feeding your dog scraps
  • Supervise kids around dogs
  • Let your dog take a break indoors as needed
  • Avoid using potent insect sprays or sunscreens around your dog, and keep such products out of reach
  • Use lidded receptacles to keep dogs out of the trash

To keep the grill area safe for your dog:

  • Have a covered container on-hand to collect bones from grilled chicken, ribs, and other meats
  • Put the lid down to prevent curious pups from putting their feet on a hot grill
  • Keep lighter fluid, charcoal, and matches out of reach
  • Secure your dog with a leash, or ask others to play with her while you grill

Delicious BBQ Recipes for Dogs

BBQ for dogs great dane watching the grill

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When it comes to BBQ for dogs, there’s a lot they can eat. But why not make them a special dog-friendly dish?

You don’t have to get fancy; it’s all about simple ingredients with these summer recipes:

  • Sliders—with flavorful, pooch-friendly ingredients, we recommend leaving off the bun and limiting to one slider for your dog
  • Tailgate Party Dog Treats—these mini burger-, corn dog-, and taco-shaped treats are a fun and safe way to get your dog in the BBQ spirit
  • Grilled Sweet Potatoes with Lime-Cilantro Vinaigrette—every ingredient is dog-friendly, but we think the vinaigrette is more you than your dog
  • Shish Kebabs—mix it up with different dog-friendly veggies and proteins
  • Ice Cream—yep, you and your dog can delightfully lick up every bite of these yummy (and dog-safe) chilled treats.

If you’re not one to follow recipes when you grill, don’t worry. You don’t have to get fancy with barbecue foods for dogs. A simple bit of grilled meat or vegetable will be a welcome treat!

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