The Best Reflective Dog Collars, Harnesses, and Vests for Safety and Low-Light Walking

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When the sun goes down, your dog is virtually invisible to fast-moving cars, curious wildlife, and other night-time dangers. But a reflective dog collar, harness, or vest can make all the difference when it comes to worry-free walking after dark.

If raccoons, skunks, and other night crawlers frequent your neighborhood, up your dog’s visibility even more with a reflective dog collar, harness, or vest embedded with USB-charged LED lights.

We’ve rounded up some of the best reflective dog gear on the market from collars woven with 3M reflective material to neon harnesses with reflective designs to eye-catching lightweight vests. These 14 illuminating options will help keep your dog safe into the gloaming and beyond.

The Best Reflective Dog Collars

Embark Illuminate Reflective Dog Collar

dog at night with reflective collar

This collar from Embark was designed specifically for high visibility at night. The entire band is reflective, making it possible for drivers to see its wearer from up to 300 feet away.

Strong and durable, the Illuminate comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. A matching harness and leash set is available here.

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Illumiseen LED Reflective Dog Collar

brown dog with green illumiseen reflective dog collar

Illumiseen’s collar isn’t just reflective, it glows. Each collar contains a long-lasting USB rechargeable battery that will make your pup shine with LED light for five walking hours at a time. Set the light to glow steadily or turn it to flashing-mode in high traffic areas. Best of all, the collar comes with a lifetime guarantee.

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GoTags Personalized Reflective Dog Collar

personalized reflective dog collars

With a wide reflective band embroidered with your dog’s name and phone number, this adjustable reflective dog collar keeps your pup safe night and day and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

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Mile High Life Night Reflective Dog Collar

Mile High Life Night Reflective Dog Collar yellow

This ultra-affordable and adjustable nylon collar is embroidered with four strips of 3M reflective material that shines brightly at night. At under $8 a pop, Mile High Life’s Night collar is a steal.

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Blueberry Pet Reflective Dog Collar

Blueberry Pet Reflective Dog Collar

For a stylish reflective dog collar, Blueberry Pet’s got the goods. Its durable polyester multi-colored stripe collection comes in 15 different color combinations and is stitched with two rows of 3M reflective thread for nighttime visibility.

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The Best Reflective Harnesses

Max and Neo Small Dog Reflective Harness

Max and Neo Small Dog Reflective Harness in silver

Max and Neo’s futuristic silver harness is ideal for keeping pint-sized pups visible at night. Made of super-reflective lightweight material, this padded, vest-style harness is easy to put on and secures with a plastic snap clasp and velcro at the back.

For each reflective harness sold, Max and Neo donates one to a dog in need at rescues around the country.

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Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

orange Hurtta Weekend Warrior Harness

This excellent harness from Hurtta is ideal for walks at any time of day or night and is designed to be comfortable and breathable.

Available in eight colors, you get the most reflective bang-for-your-buck in the camo designs and the neon orange and neon yellow versions, which have not only reflective accents but light-reflecting designs on the front and back panels of the vest.

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Chai’s Choice Outdoor Adventure II Harness

neon green Outdoor Adventure reflective Harness

Brightly colored in the day, each of the straps of this versatile harness from Chai’s Choice is sewn with 3M reflective material for optimum night-spotting, too. Durable and padded, the Outdoor Adventure II Harness can be connected to a leash with a ring at the back or a no-pull ring at the chest.

An additional loop at the back is made for securing a seat belt for worry-free car rides.

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Embark Illuminate Reflective Dog Harness

Embark Illuminate Reflective Dog Harness

Thanks to reflective material sewn 360 degrees around each of the bands of this harness, this handsome webbed dog harness is easy to spot in low light.

Ultra-strong (it will resist a pulling strength up to 325 lbs), the Illuminate is lightly padded for comfort and comes with a money-back guarantee.

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Rabbitgoo No-Pull Dog Harness

Rabbitgoo No-Pull reflective Dog Harness in neon green

While it may not be quite as reflective as some of our other choices, Rabbitgoo’s affordable harness is a nice option for a dog that pulls after dark. This padded vest can attach to the leash at the back or, for pullers, at the chest.

Each of the harness’ straps is sewn with two strips of reflective material and reflective piping lines the chest and back panels. For maximum visibility, you can’t go wrong with the “vibrant lime” color.

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The Best Reflective Dog Vests

Spot the Dog! Easy Fastening Dog Vest

Spot the Dog! Easy Fastening Dog Vest in organge

This Vermont-based brand is passionate about outdoor accessories that keep pups safe. Its durable but lightweight florescent orange velcro-fastening vest is a cinch to spot by day while strips and dots of reflective material keep dogs visible in low light.

Ten percent of all sales are donated to a local rescue organization.

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Ruffwear Track Jacket

brown dog in forest wearing reflective ruffwear vest

Ruffwear’s Track Jacket is a great choice for pups who love a good adventure. The bright orange vest is lightweight, waterproof, and trail-tested. The vest is reflective on the left and right sides and has adjustable buckles to keep the jacket secure and visible in the transition from day to night.

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Illumiseen LED Dog Vest

illumiseen reflective orange dog vest on mixed breed

Illumiseen adds a little extra oomph to your dog’s safety vest by embedding LED lights in its reflective strips. The vest’s battery recharges completely in about an hour.

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SafetyPup XD Reflective Dog Vest

fluorescent yellow safety pup reflective dog vest

This tough double-stitched vest made from weatherproof rip-resistant nylon delivers maximum visibility day or night. With an ergonomic design and a soft, smooth interior, the SafetyPup XD vest is comfortable enough for all-day adventures that last well after the sun goes down.

With a no-risk guarantee, this affordable vest is a great option.

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