The Best Dog Rope Toys for Fetch, Tug of War, and Dental Hygiene in 2020

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My new dog Willa is obsessed with rope toys. She loves to toss them around by herself, drag them around the house, and play tug with her doggy friends. If it’s a rope toy, she’s all about it. But as a discerning pet parent, I know that some rope toys are better than others.

From soft rope toys, to heavy-duty knotted rope toys, to flossing rope toys and rope toys ideal for tugging, these are our picks for the best rope toys on the market.


The Best Dog Rope Toys for Fetch, Tug of War, (and Even Dental Hygiene) in 2020

1. Mammoth Cottonblend 5-Knot Rope Toy (Verified Review)

golden retriever with red white and blue rope toy

This extra-long rope toy was one of certified dog trainer Shoshi Park’s top toys of the year (click here for her verified review). It’s made from 100% cotton that’s gentle on your dog’s gums. And the five chunky knots give it extra durability and chew. It’s ideal for an enthusiastic game of tug!

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2. Kong Aqua Dog Toy

german shepherd with kong rope toy

Do you have a water dog? This combination rope toy and floater is perfect for playing fetch and tug at the water’s edge. The rope is tough, long, and ideal for flinging the toy out into the water. And the classic Kong shape at the end is filled with foam to keep it floating.

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3. Soft Fleece Rope Toy

blue and green rope toy with chew ball

Fleece rope toys are a great pick for puppies and older dogs who love rope toys but need something extra-gentle on their teeth. This one’s a great choice because it includes an attached ball for fetch and play.

Tip: You can also make your own fleece rope toy from recycled materials. Find instructions in our article on DIY Dog Toys.

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4. Cotton Rope Elephant Toy

gray cotton elephant dog rope toy

An adorable elephant with a long, braided trunk? Yes, please! This hybrid toy combines the toughness and chew-ability of a rope toy with the cute factor of a plushy. Your dog will love tossing the elephant around and playing tug with its trunk.

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5. Antler Rope Toy

dog with elk antler and rope Kong dog toy

Here’s another hybrid rope toy for the super-chewer in your life. This combination rope toy and antler chew will keep a dog busy for hours. The naturally-shed antler cleans teeth and gums while your dog chews, and the natural rope offers a fun tug toy. This is one rope toy that will last a loooooong time.

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6. Mammoth Flossy Chews Cotton Rope Toy

white dog rope toy

This classic rope toy is made from 100% undyed cotton, making it the perfect choice for your all-natural dog or the all-white, modern interior of your Instagram-ready house. Whether you choose it for function or aesthetics, it’s a durable, safe rope toy for your pup to play with.

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7. Booda Fresh N Floss Rope Toy

booda green and white dog rope toy

This dental rope toy is made with mint-scented floss and baking soda to clean your dog’s teeth while she plays. The combo of wax-coated nylon and all-natural cotton ropes are perfect for playing tug and last a long time without fraying. Plus, it comes in three different sizes for dogs of all types and tooth strength.

For more on dental chews and your dog’s dental health, check out our article Are Dental Chews Enough of a Replacement for Dog Tooth Brushing?

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8. Planet Dog Ball + Rope Toy

rubber fetch ball on a rope

For the dog who loves to fetch and tug, this ball and rope toy combo is a dream. The bouncy ball is made from extra-durable, minty-fresh material. And the rope is super strong and perfect for tossing the ball out into a pool (yup, the whole thing floats).

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9. Kong Tuggernots Frog

kong tuggerknots plush frog and rope toy

Here’s a rope toy with something for everyone: a cute plushy, satisfying squeakers, and a durable rope loop for tugging and tossing. The rope is knotted inside the frog (there’s a phrase I never thought I’d write), making it durable and fun for your dog to chew.

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10. Jolly Pets Romp-n-Roll Rope and Ball Toy

golden with rope and ball toy

The Romp-n-Roll combines a strong, flexible rope with a durable, floating ball that can be bounced, bitten, kicked, and tugged. It’s the ideal toy for chase, tug, and even water retrieval. Plus, it comes in three sizes to suit tiny pups up to massive dogs.

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11. Playology Protein Scented Dri-Tech Rope

red, beef scented dog rope toy

If plain old rope toys are too boring for your dog, check out this high-tech modern rope toy with embedded beef scent. You read that right: this non-toxic, tear-resistant, slobber-wicking rope smells like beef. It’s designed to stimulate your dog’s senses and encourage them to play hard. Bonus: the whole toy is dishwasher safe.

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12. Dog Rope Toy Assortment (Verified Review)

collie playing with blue and white rope ring

This set of rope chews comes with seven different toys all designed for fetch and tug-of-war. Made with natural cotton fibers, these ropes are intended for small and medium breeds and are non-toxic, as well as washable.

We tested them on Rover office pup Cicero, who panned them in favor of stinkier chews, but in general we found them to be quite popular with a range of other Rover office dogs, including our blog strategist’s schnauzer mix, Vera, and our social media coordinator’s Boston, Olive.

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