Smiling Dog: Milo

Dog's name and age: Milo Maurice Gable, 5 years

Behind his name: When I looked at him, I thought he just looks like a Milo Mauirce Gable. Plus he has asymmetrical face like Clark Gable!

Adoption story: I found Milo on PetFinder from a rescue in Orlando, FL. He was a chubby little ball of James Dean type-attitude, that could have cared less. But I fell hard for that attitude and ending up getting to be his momma. Milo thinks he is a person … possibly that rebel boyfriend we all had but loved anyway!

What does Milo like to do? He loves to be outdoors, trying to chase rabbits and smelling the wind. He loves windy days! He really enjoys lying on the sofa with his head on the pillow and he likes our heads to touch.