Pucker Up! Survey Finds Humans Kiss Their Pups More than Their Partners

Stop for a minute and think. Who did you last kiss? Was it your partner or was it your pup? A new survey found more than half of people with dogs kiss their pups more than their partners. Actually, we are surprised the stat isn’t higher. Who doesn’t enjoy smothering their dog with love?

Woman kissing dog
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The Findings

Recently, dog treat company Riley’s Organics conducted a survey to find out how much TLC people give their pups. Riley’s surveyed individuals across the United States. Surprisingly, to some, the results showed dogs sometimes get more love than humans.

Survey Shows Dog People Love Dogs More Than People

Fifty-two percent of survey respondents said they kissed their dog more than their partner.

Even more interesting? These results translated into the bedroom. Get your mind out of the gutter! Once again, fifty-two percent of the respondents said they would rather sleep in bed with their dog than their partner.

Dog and human kissing

If you are scratching your head at these responses, Riley’s Organics may have an explanation. One of the most resounding responses came from a question about how humans see their dogs. An overwhelming ninety-four percent of pet parents who responded said they consider their dog as one of their best friends.

No wonder people love to show their dogs so much affection. We want to be around our canine family members all the time because we adore them.

The story would be lacking if we didn’t include a link to one of our favorite treats from Riley’s Organics. We love these snacks for dogs because they are all-organic and have very few ingredients. In fact, you can actually easily read the names of all the ingredients in these treats because they use real food like oats and sweet potatoes – stuff that humans would eat! (Watch some humans try them in the video below!)

If you purchase your Riley’s from us, you will support our mission to feed hungry dogs. Every purchase feeds five shelter pups.

Survey says: don’t be ashamed to show your pup some love. Chances are your partner or spouse is showering your pooch with just as many kisses!

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Written by Samantha H