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🐾 🔝A PERFECT ADD-ON TO HOMEMADE DOG FOOD, RAW DOG FOOD & KIBBLE: Poochie Powder contains potent plant-based and carefully selected nutrient dense cruciferous/leafy green vegetables and wild blueberries (in a formula that smells & tastes good to dogs), rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, antioxidants & phytonutrients to help balance your dog’s existing diet. Our ingredients are freeze-dried and raw in order to preserve the maximum amount of super nutrients your dog is craving.
🐾 🔝WHY POOCHIE POWDER? Most dog diets are meat centric and highly deficient in phytonutrients & other benefits found only in plants. Our 100% plant-based powder is simply a nutritious add-on to your dog’s current diet. Poochie Powder helps to promote the following important doggie health benefits: 🐶Healthy Skin & Coat 🐶Improved Digestion 🐶Increased Vitality 🐶General Health 🐶Anti-Inflammation 🐶Immune System Boost 🐶Inappetence 🐶Regular Bowel Function 🐶Aging and/or Growth Support
🐾 🔝GREENS FOR DOGS ARE GOOD! 🌱💪🏻. Does your dog eat plants or grass? Did you know that certain types of grass and plants may contain phytonutrients such as chlorophyll, minerals and enzymes that your dog craves and may not be getting in their existing diet? Our real food, limited ingredient supplement for dogs is 100% plant-based, containing freeze-dried, raw, superfood ingredients in an easily digestible, taste and smell friendly powder. Our supplement is high in fiber & phytonutrients.

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WHY POOCHIE POWDER? The majority of pet foods on the market contain heavily processed ingredients, which can result in food that is largely devoid of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals. To solve this problem, pet food makers resort to adding “synthetic” vitamins and minerals in an attempt to fortify the food so it can meet nutritional standards, vital to your pet’s development and health. Some pet owners choose to avoid these heavily processed foods and feed their pets the “raw diet” however even then, most raw diets are protein centric and may not contain an adequate balance of nutrient dense vegetables and fruits and the amazing health benefits they have to offer. But, we all want to make the healthy choice for our loved ones and that is where Snoutly can help. Poochie Powder uses Mother Nature’s recipes to help keep your dog healthy and vibrant. Whether you feed your pet kibble, canned food or a raw diet, we have good news for you – we went the extra mile so you, the busy pet owner, don’t have to! Simply sprinkle and mix Poochie Powder in with your dog’s regular food at every meal, and watch the magic happen!

WHAT IS POOCHIE POWDER? We love the quote from Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine”. We believe nature already has it figured out, so all we did is develop a proprietary supplement formula of freeze dried, powdered, easily digestible, potent plant-based ingredients (ones you know and trust AND can pronounce) to make the healthy choice easier for you.

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