Piglets Rescued From Slaughter Become Best Friends With Family Dogs

Humans aren’t the only creatures that dogs form bonds with. Their love knows no bounds! We’ve seen dogs who love horses, and ducks and cats – it only makes sense that somewhere out there there’s a pup who loves pigs!

The Webb family probably didn’t mean to have a house full of animals when they took in their first – but isn’t that how it always happens? Kookie, a mini-pig, joined the family as a little piglet, and wiggled her way into the hearts of her humans.

Soon, she was joined by a little piglet brother, and then more and more mini-pigs until the Webbs were knee deep in snouts and curly tails!

Their love for adorable animals wasn’t limited to pigs. In 2016 they added Keeva, a French Bulldog to the family. Keeva loved living with the pigs, and although they didn’t all care for her company, she was in hog-heaven!

While browsing Craigslist one day, the Webbs found an ad for a young piglet who was being sold for slaughter. In a post in May 2016, they shared their shock with their Instagram followers:

“So I was just browsing on Craigslist and found an add about a baby farm piggy that is being sold for meat! My heart is screaming to go get her!! We have absolutely no space for a piggy that can get up to 700-900lbs, but I just can’t stop thinking about this poor baby.”

Though the family managed several mini-pigs, they weren’t realistically equipped to keep a full-grown pig in their home, but there was no way they were able to leave the pig to become a meal. The very next day, there was another post, along with a picture of a new pig – Peanut!

“So my heart won me over! We rescued this little peanut from being caged meat his whole life! He is so awesome!”

Peanut fit right in with the family, but it was Keeva who became his new best friend! The two quickly became playmates and life-long pals!

Keeva didn’t get much attention from the other pigs in her family, but Peanut was the perfect size to wrestle and snuggle with!

Even after Keeva’s roughousing caused Peanut some injury…

They stayed the best of friends!

Still, they knew that eventually, Peanut would grow to be a bigger piggy than any of their other pets. So they decided they would give up their home, and found a 4 acre space with a barn where they could eventually move their family and open a sanctuary for pigs!

Since then, Peanut has grown much bigger, and so has the whole family! There are now several more piggies and pups!

Keeva loves her big family, and she has lots of playmates!

The piglets love to snuggle and she is super patient with all of them!

Their Frenchie, Kolbie, has formed a sweet relationship with one of their rescue piglets, Opal.

Opal was born with a birth defect, and when her family realized, they rushed her to the emergency vet. The vet offered the choice of a costly surgery, or to euthanize her. Of course, her family chose to save her life.

The teeny pink piggy survived the surgery with an excellent outcome, and is now forming new friendships with her other family members!

And she has Kolbie constantly watching over her!

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Featured Photo: @kookieandkipper_minipigs/Instagram

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Written by Adriana Sandoval