Our 5 Favorite Dog Nail Polishes for Perfectly Pretty Paws

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Repeat after us: Never put human nail polish on a dog! Never put human nail polish on a dog! Human nail polishes can be toxic for dogs if licked or ingested. That’s why you should always select a dog nail polish that’s specially formulated for use on pets.

Similar to nail polish for people, you may need to apply several coats to get certain colors to pop better or start with a white base coat. Dog polishes also dry quicker than the kind made for humans (our four-legged friends aren’t known for sitting still!) so if you mess up, be sure to use a dog-safe nail polish remover.

Whether you are spiffing up your furry pal’s paws for a special occasion or just looking for a fun way to bond and hang out together, be sure to prep your dog’s nails before your pedicure sesh to ensure a clean and healthy base. Let the polishing begin!

Our Favorite Dog Nail Polishes

Dog Fashion Spa Nail Polish for Dogs

Make doggy’s nails pop in one of eight Dog Fashion Spa’s non-toxic colors. The polish was developed to nourish nails by both dog care and nail experts. Reviews suggest people either really love this brand or don’t, but one thing that definitely seems to be the secret to doggy nail polish success? Applying the white base coat to black nails so the bright colors show up.

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Puppy Paint Natural as Mud Nail Polish

Available in three bright shades, Puppy Paint is eco-friendly and applies thick so as to show up against your dog’s dark nails with only one coat. Hypoallergenic for dogs with sensitivities, it also has a naturally bitter flavor to deter licking.

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Pet Head Mommy and Me Pet Nail Polish

Reviewers rave about how Pet Head’s polish appears vibrant against doggy’s black nails. Glam up your pup’s paws with a few coats of this polish that’s made in the USA and can be worn by dog owners, too. Also available in a metallic blue—but we happen to love this classic red.

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Color Paw Nail Polish for Dogs

This polish is known for being longer lasting than the other dog polishes out there. Note, you may need to apply a few coats of your chosen color, all of which are formulated to be both water- and chip-resistant.

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Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen

These polish pens come in nine colors with both solid and metallic options, and they are less messy to apply than liquid nail polish. Water-based, these non-toxic colors also dry in under 40 seconds.

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