How Limited Ingredient Dog Food Helps With Dog Food Allergies

Many pet owners get very scared when faced with the possibility of having to deal with dog food allergies, but it is actually much easier to control today than it was just ten years ago. With hypoallergenic and limited ingredient dog food on the market today, finding a food that agrees with your dog may take a little time, but is well worth the effort.

While many people automatically look for a hypoallergenic food for dogs, a limited ingredient brand can be just as effective in helping to not only eliminate food allergies, but also in helping to identify the offending ingredient.

How Limited Ingredient Dog Food Helps With Dog Food Allergies

Hypoallergenic pet foods are formulated to use ingredients that are deemed very easy for a dog to digest. However, since there is no regulations (currently) as how pet foods are labeled, some hypoallergenic dog foods can use quite a few ingredients.

As long as you know exactly what your dog is allergic to, this may not present a problem, if you understand how to read the ingredients on the label (which can be a rather intimidating task).

But if you don’t know the exact ingredient, finding a dog meal that has completely different ingredients from the one you are currently feeding can become a real nightmare.

limited ingredient dog food for labrador dog

With a limited ingredient dog food, since there are only a handful of choice ingredients used, it is much easier to control exactly what your dog eats. You will also find that these types of pet food offer varieties with uncommon protein and carb sources, such as venison with sweet potato.

Feeding your dog new ingredients is one of the keys to helping your dog overcome their food allergies.

Testing a dog for food allergies

If your dog’s allergies to food are extremely severe, you really need to determine the offending ingredients – and this is where a limited ingredient dog food excels. In the past, an elimination diet, which consists of one protein source and one carb source, is fed exclusively for eight to twelve weeks.

The fewer the ingredients, the easier to figure out which one is causing the problem.

This can pose a problem when performing a at home elimination test, as your dog may not be getting all the nutrients they need while on this type of diet. With a limited ingredient dog food, instead of only two ingredients, you will have to deal with four to six.

Some example dog food types available are dairy free dog food, gluten free dog food, soya fee dog food, botanicals dog food, raw food dog food, grain free dog food, organic dog food, protein rich dog food.

Dog food allergies elimination diet

However, as stated above, many minimal ingredient dog foods use novel ingredients, so finding ones with completely different ingredients is actually easier. Speak with your vet about the various options available.

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