Has Your Dog Lost That “Puppy Pep”?

It tends to happen slowly, but then suddenly you’re aware that your furry friend isn’t quite the ball of energy he once was. There’s more sleeping and less playing. More stiffness and fewer enthusiastic walks. That joyful “puppy pep” is gone.

This sad slowdown is very common, but there’s no need to resign yourself…or your pet…to it.

Extensive research has shown that many of the signs of wear and tear in humans and dogs have ONE root cause: chronic inflammation. Sounds bad, but it’s actually GOOD NEWS because Mother Nature has given us a safe, powerful inflammation-fighting superstar called curcumin that can tackle multiple symptoms of aging in one fell swoop.

The Miracle Nutrient for Humans Works Wonders for Pets, Too

Curcumin is the active compound hidden inside the bright yellow roots of the turmeric plant. It has the unique ability to block an enzyme that causes inflammation throughout the body and also neutralizes harmful free radicals that can lead to cellular breakdown and inflammation.

And on top of its inflammation-fighting prowess, curcumin also has extraordinary immune-boosting and pain-relieving power. That’s a true trifecta when it comes to your furbaby’s health and vitality. And that’s why I heartily recommend adding curcumin to your pet’s diet on a daily basis.

5 Reasons Why Curcumin Gets “2 Paws Up!”

  1. Reduces Inflammation and Discomfort
    Curcumin helps stop inflammation before it starts and effectively soothes pain that results from inflammation. It can ease everything from general discomfort to the deep pain of arthritis.
  2. Supports Immune Health
    Curcumin helps create a bloodstream barrier to block pathogenic invaders that can lead to chronic health conditions, including certain autoimmune conditions.
  3. Promotes Ideal Brain Function
    Because curcumin can cross the blood-brain barrier, it offers extraordinary protective power for your pet’s brain health and cognitive function.
  4. Enhances Heart Health
    Curcumin also offers incredible cardiovascular support. It acts as a blood thinner, promotes balanced cholesterol levels, reduces the risk of blood clots, and helps maintain normal blood pressure.
  5. Promotes Superior Skin and Coat
    Curcumin has antioxidant properties that are especially helpful for your furbaby’s skin. It helps keep both dogs and cats itch-free, with a soft, lustrous, healthy coat.

I’ve partnered with Charlie’s Choice to develop ProCumin PLUS®, an advanced formula for dogs and cats that features a potent 100 mg dose of premium-grade curcumin plus omega-3 fatty acids, CoQ10 and L-arginine for added heart, brain, joint, and skin support.

This “whisker-to-tail” health support supplement comes in natural cheese flavored chews that your little one will love and it’s manufactured to human-grade specifications for quality and purity you can count on! To learn more, visit charlieschoice.stopagingnow.com.

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