Fresh Cooked Dog Food Is Best. Are You Ready To Make Your Own?

If you watched the eye-opening documentary Pet Fooled on Netflix, you may be left wondering what now? While the film sheds a not-so flattering spotlight on the American pet food industry, it leaves viewers with few practical solutions for healthy feeding.

The featured veterinarians definitely skew towards a raw, biologically-appropriate feeding protocol, but they also acknowledge that raw diets are yet to be deemed safe by the AVMA.

If you are not yet ready to take the plunge into raw feeding, but you want to break free from the processed kibbles offered by the major pet food conglomerates, consider a fresh cooked diet instead!

Why Should You Choose A Fresh Whole Food Diet?

Diet plays a major role in many of the ailments veterinarians treat on a daily basis including allergies, cancer, and diabetes. In response, they are shying away from commercial pet foods and endorsing natural, whole food diets instead.

Home cooking can be time-consuming and expensive, but fresh feeding is the best way to ensure a happy, healthy pup. Just think of the time and money you’ll save on trips to the vet!

My Experience With Home Cooking

After watching Pet Fooled, I decided to cook fresh homemade food for my three senior dogs. The above photo shows my own vet-recommended concoction of chicken, beef, pork, kale, sweet potatoes, green beans, kidney beans, turmeric, ground mustard, coconut oil, calcium tablets, and garlic. (Some sources say the proper use of garlic can be beneficial to dogs.) I decided to skip the rice because my dogs are grain-free.

As you can see, they are pretty excited for their new food!

If you are ready to try cooking for your own pets, consult your veterinarian. He or she can help you decide on the best individualized recipe for your pets’ unique needs or refer you to a veterinary nutritionist.

Some of the many benefits of home cooked dog food include:

  • You control exactly what goes into your dog’s body

  • It fulfills their dietary needs – nothing more, nothing less

  • Prevents exposure to additives, preservatives and artificial ingredients

  • Eliminates unnecessary and low-quality fillers like corn and soy

  • Helps manage your dog’s weight, blood sugar, kidney function, gut flora, skin conditions, etc.

  • Lets you avoid the stress and danger of commercial pet food recalls

  • Improves overall health and helps prolong your dog’s life

  • They love it!

However, there are also several challenges to making your own dog food:

  • It can be messy and time-consuming
  • High quality, fresh ingredients are expensive and perishable

  • Depending on the number of dogs you have and their size, you may be cooking dog food several times a week
  • You must know and avoid foods that are dangerous to dogs

  • The recipe must be followed carefully and completely to ensure well-rounded nutrition (most vets recommend 40% Protein/50% Veggies/10% Starch for dogs with no special needs)

  • Food ingredients alone are not enough. You must measure and add the proper mix of vitamins and minerals
  • Cooked food should be pureed with a food processor or hand mixer to ensure that the ingredients are well mixed and evenly distributed

  • Homemade food is very dense and concentrated so it must be carefully measured to prevent upset stomach, illness or deadly bloat

  • Excess portions must be carefully stored to prevent spoiling

Finding It Hard to Cook for Your Pet?

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