Enthusiastic Golden Retrievers Will Bring You Beer During Quarantine

No one loves their job more than these Golden Retrievers, Buddy and Barley. In the past, they spent their days lounging around at their parents’ business, Six Harbors Brewing Company in New York. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, their operations had to change drastically though, which has actually been a huge success for the two pups. The company began a beer delivery system, and Buddy and Barley are thrilled to be able to deliver beer right to your door. Now known as the “Brew Dogs”, Barley and Buddy are the most enthusiastic workers during this whole pandemic.

Buddy and Barley Bring Joy (and Beer!)

When their parents, Mark and Karen Heuwetter, began delivery amid the coronavirus, Buddy and Barley were ready to help. They were sad that they couldn’t meet people in the shop anymore, but this was even better. When they arrive at the person’s house, their parents hand them a few beer cans attached to a rope, and they let the dogs run to the person’s house.

As soon as Buddy and Barley are out of the car, they race toward their destination. The person receiving the beer is usually waiting outside, ready for the two dogs to greet them. However, the beer cans that the Brew Dogs carry are actually all empty.

Image: @sixharbors/Facebook

Then, after the two dogs greet their customers with the makeshift cans, their parents come with the actual beer. While wearing masks and gloves, they hand over the delivery while Buddy and Barley continue to get the love they deserve. The real cans can get a bit heavy and no one wants their beer shaken up from the dogs running, so they decided empty cans would work just fine. Buddy and Barley are more interested in bringing joy than beer anyway.

“We took the dogs on a few trips and people were loving the dogs when they came, so we added them,” Mark said.

Image: @sixharbors/Facebook

Cutest Delivery Ever!

Buddy and Barley’s deliveries have been such a huge success that Mark and Karen have actually seen an increase in orders since the pups started participating more. Many customers even specifically request for the dogs to come. As much as people love beer, they love getting greeted by two adorable dogs even more.

Image: @sixharbors/Facebook

The customers and the dogs both seem to equally enjoy these unique deliveries. After being stuck at home for a while, it’s refreshing to get to pet some cute dogs for a while. Plus, Buddy and Barley are getting so much attention, just like they deserve!

“When they go out and make people smile, I think people really like that. In fact, people need these days, so when they put a smile on people’s faces, they’re doing their job – which, by nature, is easy for them,” said Karen.

Image: @sixharbors/Facebook

For most people, going to work can be exhausting. But for Buddy and Barley, it’s the highlight of their day. While most dogs are cooped up at home during the quarantine, these two pups are getting plenty of love and exercise. They adore people, so they’re happy to help their family and customers in any way possible. They’re such good dogs!

Watch the Brew Dogs in Action:

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Featured Image: @sixharbors/Facebook