Celebrated Bomb-Sniffing Dog Now Only Finds Tennis Balls

Military working dog Bob has finally reached his retirement after working hard for six years. The black Labrador Retriever finished his final shift with the military, and he couldn’t be happier. Not only does Bob get to relax for the rest of his life, but he also got the recognition he deserved following his retirement.

As Bob headed to his forever home, the sailors at Virginia’s Naval Air Station Oceana made sure to give him plenty of love and support. He received his own special award, along with plenty of pets and belly rubs.

Bob first began his work at the Lackland Air Force Base. He had an important bomb-sniffing mission in Afghanistan and multiple explosive searches too. He worked hard for the entire length of his service, and now, he is finally getting the break he deserves.

Celebrating a Hero

Newly retired Bob was awarded the Navy and Marine Corps Commendation Medal. As the 9-year-old Lab exited the building, the sailors stood in columns to salute him. Of course, they had to take extra precautions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, though.

As Bob walked past all the kind sailors, he looked like the happiest dog in the world. He didn’t know it yet, but his life was about to get even more exciting.

Image: @NavalAirStationOceana/Facebook

“Bob’s just a big sweetheart,” said Senior Chief Master-at-Arms Mike Hausmann. “All he ever wanted to do was find bombs and catch a tennis ball.”

Hausmann is also a former handler, so he’s gotten to know Bob very well over the years. In fact, he fell in love with the dog so much that he decided to adopt him. Now, all Bob has to worry about is tennis balls.

Image: @NavalAirStationOceana/Facebook

Bob’s New Home

Bob has quickly adjusted to his new life with Hausmann. Hausmann said that he’s just a big, lovable 60-pound dog. Bob is getting older, so he can’t run around and play like he used to, but he can still cuddle and nap as much as he wants.

“Bob is a dog after my own heart,” said Hausmann. “He likes his food. He likes to play out in the yard a little bit, but he really enjoys his spot on the couch.”

Image: @NavalAirStationOceana/Facebook

Hausmann said that Bob spends a lot of his time sitting on the couch, watching the squirrels outside. He never barks at them or tries to chase them, though. He just likes to watch. After all these years, he’s done chasing stuff. He just wants to relax and watch the world from the comfort of his home now.

More than anything, Bob was excited about getting to sleep in Hausmann’s bed. When he first got on the bed, he celebrated and rolled around for about 20 minutes. He was so excited to be part of a normal family finally.

Bob is such a good dog, and he deserves so much recognition for his service. Even though we have to stay home during this time, Bob would still appreciate it if he could get some virtual salutes for his six years of service.

Image: @NavalAirStationOceana/Facebook

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Featured Image: @NavalAirStationOceana/Facebook