Can You Find the Hidden Dogs in These 12 Photos?

Some dogs just have a knack for blending in. Whether it’s a poodle on a shag rug, a golden retriever in a pile of leaves, or a Samoyed in the snow, dogs have the ability to create the most amazing optical illusions.

If you’ve ever walked around your house for what feels like 80 times looking for your other shoe, only to find it was right in front of you the whole time, then be prepared to experience that exact same feeling once you spot the dogs hidden in these photos.

P.S. if you’re really stuck, we’ve put a cheat sheet at the bottom.


1. Let’s start with a hard one.

2. On the trails again…

3. Talk about camouflage!

4. When you see it.

5. It’s a tree, it’s a branch, it’s a….DOG!

6. This one was tough.

7. Aaaah, nature.

8. Those leaves really trick the eye.

9. Daisy darlin’

James O’Donnell Photography

10. What a doozy!

11. I spy…

12. Expert level.

You did it! If you need help finding some of them, scroll for the cheat sheet…

Just a little more…

Here you go!

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