60-DAY UPDATE: See the Amazing Difference Fresh Food Has Made in My Dogs

A little over 2 months ago, I started feeding my pups fresh dog food. At first, I saw some results, but I think I was being pretty optimistic, trying to find the good in my long-researched decision. But 30-days isn’t really enough time to see any major changes no matter what you’re doing. Here I am, over 60 days later, and wow! The results have been pretty amazing. Check out what’s going on with my pups, Scout and Sandy.

Back to the Beginning

I had been previously feeding my dogs a quality kibble, but I knew that they probably weren’t getting all the nutrients that they needed. Plus, with all of the recalls and issues I had been seeing, I knew they needed more variety in their diets. Like so many people, I considered preparing fresh food for them myself, but finding the time to cook and make sure I was giving them the nutrition they needed was pretty daunting.

Around the beginning of the year, I started exploring fresh food options for my dogs. In my typical “overthinking it” manner, I spent countless hours scouring websites and dog nutrition articles, talking to my vet and posting questions on doggy discussion forums. My dogs are family, so of course I wanted what was best for them, so any time spent was time well spent.

If you missed my initial 30-Day Challenge story, you can see where the journey started here!

Prior to NNN, Sandy wasn’t the most active.

After all of my research into the various companies that provided high quality, fresh food that I could have delivered right to my door, I finally decided NomNomNow was the way to go. Let me breakdown how I made this decision. Here’s the criteria I used when I started my search:

  1. Quality Ingredients (transparency of ingredients) – Do I understand the ingredients list? Is every ingredient there for a reason AND beneficial to my pup? Is it all sourced here in the USA?
  2. Recipes – Will this be food my dog will like? Are there options for dogs with allergies, like gluten-free?
  3. Track Record – Have there been any recalls or health scares associated with the food/company?
  4. Price – Pricing for all the home delivery, fresh dog food services was comparable. I can tell you that for NomNomNow and the other companies, the price will depend upon how much your dog weighs and activity levels. NomNomNow is great because they offer price breaks if you order bi-weekly or monthly, as opposed to weekly.
  5. Convenience – Home delivery is key. Plus, I don’t want to measure food – pre-portioned, individual meals are key.

NomNomNow Fresh Food Checked All My Boxes

To maintain a healthy, nutritional balance, NomNomNow (NNN) has 4 main food recipes:

  • Heartland Beef Mash
  • Porkalicious Potluck
  • Tasty Turkey Fare
  • Chicken Chow-Wow

All NNN recipes have been specially formulated by veterinary nutrition, Dr. Justin Shmalberg – not just vet certified like most other fresh food offerings. This guy actually developed the recipes for maximum nutrition. That’s huge. And what I really love is that NNN food comes in pre-portioned packages, so there’s nothing to measure and nothing left over to store.

So, here we are 2 months later. I’ve kept tabs on their progress, had another vet visit and just kept an eye on their general demeanor.

Here are some of the highlights:

DAY 35

Just a few days ago, the dogs and I headed over to the vet for a post 30-day follow up. Everything continues to look positive. One key development, after communicating with NomNomNow regarding Sandy and her extra weight, the NNN team has modified the quantity of food she will get with each serving. This really impressed me. This is definitely not a mindless, faceless dog food company. The fact that they’ve customized her meal plan really demonstrates the level of science that is behind this.

DAY 40

So Sandy started her new portion size yesterday. She seems to be adapting well. I was a little worried, as any parent would be. Is she getting enough? Am I doing the right thing? But when it comes time to eat, she’s not inhaling her food, so I know she’s not starving. I wish she could talk. Then I could ask her, but all in all, she seems to be doing really well. Now that I’m another 10 days in, I really feel like the dogs look better – I’m mostly speaking of their coats. So shiny and soft. That seems shallow to say, but I know that it’s because their coats are healthier. The benefit of that is the shininess and softness.

Day 45

I thought it would be fun to show you a side by side comparison of the food you get from NomNomNow. So many times the photos we see online are nothing like what we actually get. Think of the last time you saw a hamburger ad on TV and then went to the restaurant. The actual product usually never come close. Now, I’m no photographer and shooting this pic with my phone, but I think that’s good. Clearly, NNN had a professional shoot their product. You be the judge. I for one am pretty impressed with the quality and appearance of the real food – you know, the stuff you actually get at home.

Chicken Chow-Wow

NomNomNow Photo – from nomnomnow.com
My photo

NOTE: I am not a photographer. I took my photo with my phone. I didn’t try to make it pretty. What you see is how it came out of the bag. But notice the chunks of chicken, sweet potato and spinach.

DAY 48

So Scout started having diarrhea last night, and I got a little worried. It continued today. I could tell he wasn’t feeling well, so I immediately started to worry that it was the food. I took him to the vet to get checked out. While we were there, my son casually mentions to me that Scout had been rolling in turkey poop (yes, we live in the forest with lots of wild animals – and consequently, their poo) a day or two before, and he thinks Scout might have eaten some. All info I would have liked much, much earlier. But we were already at the vet.

So the vet gave him a thorough exam and concluded that the turkey poop was the likely culprit and suggested we just continue to keep an eye on him. I feel like this is important to document (especially here) so that I mention everything – the good and the bad – instead of just some white-washed, pro-NNN story.

Make my dog sick again, and we’ll see you at Thanksgiving!

DAY 50

Thank goodness – Scout is back to normal. Definitely keeping a much closer eye on Captain Turkey Poop whenever he’s outside. Both dogs are actually doing great. Their energy levels are notably higher. I swear it’s like they’re puppies again. The way they bound around the yard. It’s actually really touching to see them. I had to pulled out the ball thrower today because my arm was getting tired. They are non-stop energy. Sandy is especially different. She would usually tire after about 10 minutes of chasing the ball. She’s all over Scout now when they’re playing. Like white on rice. It’s great to see.

DAY 54

I usually try to feed my dogs at the same times everyday. Well, this morning I was a little tardy. These two…it was like I called off Christmas. All was quickly forgiven though as I made my way to the refrigerator. Wiggle butts galore! I have to say, thanks to the variety of recipes (and I’m sure the great quality and taste) these dogs have not lost one bit of enthusiasm for this food. It is very obvious that they love the taste. I’m thinking about doing a video of me eating the food just to see what I’m missing. Leave a comment on which recipe you think I should try. Heartland Beef Mash sounds good. Hint. Hint.

DAY 57

Brought the dogs to the vet today for a check-up just to make sure everything was looking good. To me they look great, but I wanted my vet to chime in on the progress. He was pretty amazed, noting how great they looked – especially their coats. He also noted that Sandy looked much healthier. This was confirmed when he put her on the scale. She is down over 6 pounds since starting the NomNomNow fresh dog food. I knew she was looking better, but I didn’t expect these kinds of results. Scout is also down 2 pounds, and while he didn’t really need to lose weight, he is still super fit. I went ahead and had blood work done, as well. I’ll update that when I get the results in a few days.

DAY 60

Lab results came back today. Vet said everything looked good. So, this is the final day. For now. I will definitely continue to feed my pups NomNomNow because the benefits are undeniable. Plus, I think my dogs would walk out on me if I put anything else in their bowls. The changes I have seen over the last few months have been pretty amazing. I highly recommend the NomNomNow fresh dog food to A.) anyone looking for a convenient, fresh, high quality dog food that is pre-portioned and easy, and B.) anyone who has a dog that might need to lose excess weight and would benefit from a healthier, more balanced diet, and finally C.) anyone who just wants the highest quality food for their pup.

The Results Speak For Themselves

As I mentioned, during the first 30 days, I did see some changes, but it wasn’t what I hoped for. Again, I think my expectations were unreasonable for such a short period of time. But thanks to being consistent and sticking with NomNomNow, the benefits to my dogs is nothing short of amazing. Here are some of the major changes I noted:

I stated in my previous 30-day challenge that Scout was pretty close to his ideal weight, but Sandy was definitely a little heavy. Scout looks super fit and has lost 4.2 pounds – now at 49.3 lbs. Sandy is down an amazing 6.2 pounds – now at 54.8! THIS is so huge to me. Being overweight increases so many health risks with our pups, and I feel so good knowing that I am helping to improve the health of both of my dog. I want them around as long as possible!!

Not to be too dramatic, but these two are bounding around like puppies again. Especially my little girl, Sandy. Scout has always had a fair amount of energy, but now, they are both a never-ending supply of ball chasing and running power. Clearly, dropping excess weight has made a difference here, but I also know the nutrition in the food plays a big part here.

Their coats are amazingly soft. Scout has always had “softer” fur, but Sandy definitely had a more coarse coat. Now, she feels super soft, and they both shine. But it gets better…

This one is huge. All dogs shed, but my pups appear to have a personal vendetta against me when it comes to dumping hair all over my house. But I have noticed a significant decrease in the amount of furballs floating around. I really believe the improvements in their coats is the main reason for this.

Without being too graphic I have to say this has been a pleasant side benefit. I don’t know if it’s because the dogs are processing and absorbing more of the nutrients in the food, but their stools are definitely smaller and more solid. This makes my job as designated dog pooper scooper a lot more enjoyable. Who am I kidding? I still don’t enjoy it, but it’s a lot easier!

Peace of Mind
Just seeing all the benefits I mentioned above gives me a happy, satisfying feeling. I know that what I’m doing is making such an amazing, positive impact on the lives of my pups.

Kitchen Shadows
Okay, maybe this isn’t a benefit, but it’s definitely a testament to how much my dogs love this food. I can’t even sneak into the kitchen without both dogs following me – always looking at me like, “Is it time to eat? Nom nom! NomNomNow!”

What’s Next?

I will absolutely continue to feed my pups NomNomNow fresh dog food. And I’ll continue to track their progress. Look for my 90-Day Challenge Update coming in the next few months. As I said before, this is definitely something that I need to be consistent about. It’s not a magic pill that works overnight, but if Scout and Sandy continue to thrive as they have, this is one choice I can feel extremely confident in making. After all, I just want what everyone else who loves their dogs wants – the best possible, healthiest, longest life.

I can pretty confidently say that your pup will feel better and thrive on this fresh, whole food diet. And I know you’ll feel better knowing that you’re giving your dog the the best quality, fresh food. Go to NomNomNow and give it a try. They’ve even have a special offer for the iHeartDogs community. Get $25 off your first order of fresh food. Giving our dogs the best is what it’s all about!

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