15 Heartwarming and Hilarious Gifts From Dog to Dad

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Well hello there, dog dad! You dads do so much for us dogs, like surprising us with new toys or treats, you deserve a special treat, too: a gift from us dogs to you.

We put our canine brains to the test to come up with this list of some pretty good ideas for dog dads working on their Father’s Day wish lists as well as dogs like us looking to fetch the perfect present for their pops.

So without further ado, check out our list of some pretty-great-if-we-say-so-ourselves ideas for gifts from us dogs to our special dog dads.

15 Gifts From Dog to Dad

1. Custom Dog Face and Name Socks

custom sock pair

What is it about dads and socks? You love ’em! This machine-washable pair comes in several colors, but best of all, I can put my name and face all over your feet! (Be sure to upload a high-resolution photo for best results).

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2. Timberland Kendrick Side Zip Boot

brown Timberland side-zip boot

How about a snazzy new pair of boots to go with those socks? Take me for walks in all kinds of weather in these waterproof leather kicks made from partially recycled materials. Also available in black.

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3. Pooping Dogs 2020–2021 Wall Calendar

2020–2021 Nature Calls wall calendar cover

Oh hey, here’s an, ahem, reminder of why you need to take me out regularly. Plus, there’s plenty of space to write down all our scheduled activities (like petting me, taking me to the dog park, petting me) through June 2021. How’s that for a dog dad gift from dogs?

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4. Dog Shaming

cover of book, Dog Shaming, by Pascale Lemire

See Dad, I’m not the only one who sometimes poops in the wrong place! The next time I misbehave (who, me?), this hilarious book featuring photos and stories from the popular blog dogshaming.com will help you remember that it could be worse—I could be one of these guys!

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5. The Dog Dad Cap

rover store dog dad hat

No, Dad, your hair is not receding and you don’t sunburn easily. We just think you would look pretty slick in this dog dad ball cap that lets the world know who’s your favorite person in the family: Me!

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6. NCAA Team Dog Jersey

NCAA team dog jersey

Let me represent your favorite NCAA team with this gift, Dad! Available in several teams and sizes, I can wear this poly-mesh and satin jersey to match with you for the next game!

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7. Furbo Treat-Tossing Dog Camera (Verified Review)

I’m not sure why, Dad, but you seem to really love your gadgets. (But do gadgets snuggle you? No!) This one will make us both happy: When you’re out on an errand, visit me by video, toss me a treat (you control it with an app), or offer me a little praise from afar—you’ll see I recognize my master’s voice!

Our verified reviewer liked this gadget because “(1) I now have confirmation that my dog seems pretty content when I’m not around. (2) It sends me a push notification whenever he’s barking so I can turn on the camera and see what’s up. (Spoiler alert: It’s always the mailman.) and (3) I can remind him any time, from anywhere, that I love him. That’s definitely the best part!”

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8. Pet-tecture: Design for Pets

cover for Pet-tecture, Design for Pets

Hey Dad, here’s a little inspiration for when you finally build me that elaborate doggy mansion that I can play in and fart in as I please—but, like, no pressure.

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9. Woof Sports Tennis Balls

dog with Woof Sports ball

Look, a dog dad gift that keeps on giving! Twelve durable and eco-friendly bouncy balls, so if you lose one (I would never!) while we’re playing rounds of fetch together we can still keep the action going.

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10. Filson Leather Dog Leash

Filson brown leather dog leash

What a classy pair we’ll make, stepping out together with this bridle leather and brass leash from Filson. Would you like the brown or natural version, Dad?

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11. “Drink Coffee. Pet Dog. Repeat.” Mug

mug that says, "Drink coffee. Pet dog. Repeat."

I got this ceramic dishwasher- and microwave-safe mug for you, because I know how much you love coffee (almost as much as me)! But, you know, don’t forget to pet me please.

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12. Bass Boar and Bamboo Brush

boar and bamboo brush

I could see how you’d think this is a present for me, Dad—after all, we know that brush rubs are my favorite! But when I look good, you look good (and it gives us a little bonding time, to boot). That’s why I picked out this sturdy boar bristle and bamboo brush for us—the elastic makes it easier to hold.

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13. Pizza Pie/Slice Matching Shirts

matching black shirts with pizza image for owner and dog

The pair that dresses together stays together! Plus, I love pizza (even if you won’t let me eat it). Still, I think we both know that I complete you, so why not wear it on our matching cotton shirts? We can pick from several sizes and colors (just be sure to measure me carefully).

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14. Modern “Dog Dad” Tote Bag

canvas tote bag with "Dog Dad" text on side

I thought you could use a big cotton canvas bag for our next trip to the park, so you can carry very important things like my toys and treats—and whatever else dog dads carry.

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15. The Secret Language of Dogs

Wouldn’t it be fun if you spoke dog? You may not know how to bark, but you can still learn more about me, how smart I am, and what I’m trying to tell you with this book by trainer Victoria Stilwell, known for her positive reinforcement-based training techniques.

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