140 Cat Names that Start with “R”

Whether your cat is rambunctious or radiant, this list of 140 cat names that start with “R” can help you find the right name for the newest member of your family. In this list, you’ll find reliable favorites like Rhonda and Russell, rebellious and radical names like Ramen and Remix, and refined names such as Remus and Rhiannon.

Top 25 Male Cat Names that Start with “R”

Right off the bat, let’s start this list out with some tried and true favorites. These 25 male cat names that start with “R” were pulled right off the top of Rover’s national name database. It’s easy to see why these names are so popular!

1. Rocky
2. Romeo
3. Remi
4. Rusty
5. Riley
6. Rascal
7. Rudy
8. Rex
9. Rufus
10. Reggie
11. Roscoe
12. Rocket
13. Ricky
14. Ralph
15. Ringo
16. Rambo
17. Rico
18. Rory
19. Rupert
20. Ranger
21. Roger
22. Rocco
23. Red
24. Roo
25. Rajah

Radical Male Cat Names that Start with “R”

If your cat has a rebellious streak, you might consider a name with a bit more spunk. These radical names would be a fantastic fit for a cat who loves to make his family laugh.

1. Raider
2. Rasta
3. Rorschach
4. Rhino
5. Richochet
6. Rugrat
7. Ruffian
8. Razzle
9. Ramen
10. Rolo
11. Rococo
12. Rafiki
13. Rebel
14. Radar
15. Ravioli

Refined Male Cat Names that Start with “R”

Is your cat regal by nature? These refined names are fit for a prince. Whether your cat is a Rowan or a Raphael, these names are sure to leave an impression.

1. Romulus
2. Ramses
3. Remington
4. Robyn
5. Renoir
6. Remus
7. Rowan
8. Roland
9. Raphael
10. Ronin
11. Roosevelt
12. Rasputin
13. Ryker
14. Raleigh
15. Rhys

Reliable Male Cat Names that Start with “R”

Still searching for that perfect name? You can’t go wrong with these names. From Ralphie to Reno, these reliable names are memorable and classic, making them a great choice for cats of all kinds.

1. Ruben
2. Ralphie
3. Robin
4. Ryder
5. Ray
6. Roy
7. Ruger
8. Rufio
9. Remo
10. Russell
11. Reno
12. Rigby
13. Reagan
14. Rylee
15. Rainier


Top 25 Female Cat Names that Start with “R”

Next up, we have the girls. These are the 25 most popular female cat names that start with “R”—pulled right off of Rover’s national name database. These range from adorable to resplendent with favorites such as Riley and Ramona.

1. Rosie
2. Ruby
3. Roxy
4. Raven
5. Rose
6. Riley
7. Remi
8. Roo
9. Ripley
10. Rory
11. Reese
12. Rue
13. Rey
14. River
15. Raja
16. Rogue
17. Rita
18. Ramona
19. Ruth
20. Rajah
21. Rain
22. Ruthie
23. Rhea
24. Roxanne
25. Rio

Radical Female Cat Names that Start with “R”

If your cat is more of a rebel than a princess, take a look at these radical female cat names that start with “R.” These names are anything but ordinary and will definitely leave an impression.

1. Raisin
2. Ruffles
3. Remedy
4. Raintree
5. Rookie
6. Roma
7. Rhubarb
8. Riku
9. Reign
10. Rumor
11. Ripple
12. Rivet
13. Remix
14. Riven
15. Rhody

Refined Female Cat Names that Start with “R”

If your cat is royalty and she knows it, one of these names might be the perfect fit. From Rowena to Rosalind, these elegant names are every bit as refined as your cat’s tastes.

1. Rapunzel
2. Rhianna
3. Rhiannon
4. Rozalyn
5. Rhapsody
6. Rosemary
7. Rowena
8. Regina
9. Roberta
10. Rosalind
11. Raelynn
12. Riviera
13. Ruthelle
14. Raizel
15. Rosella

Reliable Female Cat Names that Start with “R”

Not everything in life is refined or radical. If you’re searching for a name that is more middle-of-the-road, try these on for size. These versatile names work well for adorable, funny, and regal cats alike.

1. Rhonda
2. Rosa
3. Reba
4. Rudy
5. Rena
6. Ria
7. Renee
8. Risa
9. Reya
10. Roz
11. Roxana
12. Roux
13. Raina
14. Rynn
15. Reannan

Whether your cat is a Rogue or a Radar, we hope this list has helped you in your search for the perfect name. Enjoy this special time with your new cat, and we at Rover wish you the best of luck!

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